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Thinking of getting your restaurant SG Clean certified? We distil the requirements by SG Clean so that you can accelerate your application.

SG Clean is a campaign to rally individuals and businesses to raise standards of cleanliness and public hygiene in Singapore and safeguard public health. Launched in response to growing worries of the spread of COVID-19, it certifies restaurants, hawker stalls and other food establishments that uphold the required standards. 

The SG Clean certification not only instils confidence in diners but also encourages your staff to maintain good hygiene within the workplace. 

To become SG Clean certified, your restaurant needs to fulfil six main requirements: 

  1. Appoint someone from your restaurant’s team to be the SG Clean Manager.
  2. Ensure your staff are in good health and that none are under an active Leave of Absence (LOA), Stay Home Notice (SHN), or Quarantine Order (QO).
  3. Ensure patrons, contractors and other visitors are in good health. Ensure that none are under an active LOA, SHN, or QO, and that they practice appropriate safe distancing measures.
  4. Step up the frequency of disinfection for all common facilities, and ensure that employees observe good personal hygiene.
  5. Ensure that procedures are in place to manage COVID-19 suspect cases.
  6. Ensure proper documentation of all of the above.

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Image Source: SG Clean

Once you’ve gone through the checklist and are ready to be assessed, contact the appointed assessor to arrange for an assessment. Make an appointment with your certifying agency by keying in your restaurant’s postal code here. Note: You may request to be assessed but assessment will only take place after the circuit breaker period is lifted.

Is your restaurant listed in Chope? Let us know once you’ve been certified and we’ll add you to a list of restaurants so that diners can find you!  

Learn more about how our solutions can help you comply with some of these SG Clean requirements.

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