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E-commerce flash sales for restaurants — yay or nay?

08 September 2020

By: The Chope Group

Over the course of 2020, e-commerce has proven to be an important lifeline for businesses. We evaluate how this mechanic appeals to restaurants.

Flash sale events are rare, one-day occurrences where merchants encourage consumer spending with bigger-than-average discounting. With the growth in e-marketplaces today, the second half of the year is a busy time with flash sales happening more often as merchants push their revenue targets via 9.9, 10.10, 11.11 and Black Friday sales. Flash sale events can help to drum up additional demand for e-commerce and to create urgency among consumers with attractive limited time offers.

Whether you are already selling online or if you’ve never ventured into the world of e-commerce, here are three reasons why you should consider getting on board with upcoming flash sale events. 

1. Acquire more new customers, in a flash 

Based on our experience running restaurant voucher flash sale events on ChopeDeals, Chope’s e-shop for restaurant deals, we’ve observed that restaurants typically sell vouchers to more new diners than regular days — 20 times more, if we were to be exact. 

As deals are exclusively available for a limited time, diners have a greater sense of urgency to make impulse purchases and are typically more open to exploring and buying vouchers from restaurants they have not been to before, especially when the deal is attractive.

2. Flash sales unlock consistent footfall for up to three months 

Although flash sale vouchers retail for one day only, we’ve observed that the flash sale vouchers are redeemed quite evenly over the following three month period. This means that restaurants that participate in flash sales see an uplift of traffic over the three months following the one-day campaign. For restaurants that are keen on giving revenue targets a boost for the next three months with a strong promotion, flash sales are a great way to get the promotion out there. 

flash sales chopedeals consistent traffic uplift

3. Flash sales amplify brand visibility 

To drum up excitement for each flash sale, e-marketplaces such as ChopeDeals invest heavily in advertising and partnerships. By participating in flash sale events, your brand may have the opportunity to be featured in platforms that include digital ads, social media ads, influencer amplification campaigns, and more. For two of ChopeDeals’ flash sale events in 2020, a strategic partnership with DBS Bank gave restaurants the opportunity for their presence to be amplified to an even larger audience. chopedeals flash sale campaigns

Some examples of some restaurant-voucher flash same campaigns run by ChopeDeals

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