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A popular option to boost restaurant marketing and kickstart the digitisation of reservation records

Ideal For

New restaurant


Casual Dining


Growing Business


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Our full-stack solution used by restaurants with high demand and are ready to invest in optimisation

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Productivity Solutions Grant
Ideal For

Growing Business


Fine Dining Restaurant


Multi-Outlet Group



Attract More Diners Reducing No-Shows Personalise Service Business Intelligence Operational Efficiencies Better Yield Protect Your Brand

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  • Add-Ons

Time tracking

  • Booking widget

    Take bookings 24/7 on your website and social media

  • Partnerships

    Be listed and bookable on Chope's affiliates

  • Campaigns & Content

    Participate in Chope Campaigns & Content

  • E-commerce via ChopeDeals

    Offer sensible promotions via Chope's voucher platform

  • Marketing Push

    Send Push Notifications, dedicated EDMs and more

Reducing No-Shows

  • Remind Diners with a 'Ping'

    Send a reminder and receive diner's confirmation via call or SMS

  • Deposits (Online Reservations)

    Take deposits securely via your Booking Widget

  • Deposits (Offline Reservations)

    Take deposits securely by sending them a web link

  • One-time Password (OTP)

    Require diners to verify their phone numbers via OTP

Personalise Service

  • Diner Directory

    Keep clean records of your diner's visits and preferences

  • Tags & Notes

    Add more detail to diners' profiles

  • Special Requests

    Keep clean records of your diner's visits and preferences

  • Pre-service Notes

    Add more detail to diners' profiles

  • Chit Printing

    Print service chits for staff so that details are not missed out

Business Intelligence

  • Analytics & Reporting

    Understand your restaurant at a glance

  • Manage on Mobile

    View, edit and add reservations on-the-go

  • System Integrations

    Integrate with POS Systems and Loyalty Programmes

Operational Efficiencies

  • Automation

    Add time-saving automations into your operations process

  • Booking Consolidation

    View bookings from 3rd party online booking on a single dashboard

  • Waitlist Management

    Offer a table to a diner on the waitlist for an upcoming service

  • Queue Management

    Eliminate physical queues at the door

  • Phone Line Management

    Attain a 100% answer rate on your restaurant phone line

Better Yield

  • Table Turnover Optimisation

    Turn tables quickly with a Gantt Chart

  • Time-dynamic Promotions

    Maximise yield on off-peak hours

Protect Your Brand

  • Customisation

    Customised and white-label options available

  • Features for Restaurant Groups

    Move diner from one outlet to another and share a diner directory


  • What happens after I submit a demo request?

    A member of our team will get in touch to schedule a demo based on the information you’ve submitted.

  • How long does it take to get a restaurant on board with Chope?

    One week! From the moment you submit an enquiry, restaurants can get on board after one week.

  • Can I work with Chope if my restaurant is not in one of the cities listed on your website?

    Sure! We work with restaurants from around the globe. Get in touch to learn more about our solutions for restaurants in your market.

  • How can I get help once I’m on board with Chope’s solutions for restaurants?

    Every restaurant that comes on board will be equipped with training that supports the utilisation of our solutions. We have support teams on the ground in seven Asian markets: Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Phuket, Jakarta, Bali and Shanghai.

    If you need more assistance, get in touch with your respective support team here. They’ll be in touch within one business day.

  • I know a great restaurant that should be on board with Chope! What can I do about it?

    Dined out at a great restaurant recently and want to see them listed on Chope? Tell us here. If you’re part of the restaurant industry, submit a referral here to get rewards!

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